1. Please quote us cutting wheels and trimming wheels ?
  We have plant in Guangdong,China to manufacture these prodcts, so the prices must depend on the exchange between CHY and USD.

2. Can you sent us a price list and the best price ?
  Actually, we are only manufacturing a specific wheel of specific using, for special wheels, there is so many details which make the price in different, we hope you please inform us about the shape, using requirement and amount,then we can calculate the price.

3. How long for your producing period ?
  We can finish an urgently required product within 10 days excluding delivery time.

4. Do you manufacture abrasive coat ?
  We are sorry that we still don't manufacture this product.

5. We want general wheels such as A36Q 6" x 1" x 1" or GC100K 10" x 1" x 1" ,can you supply these products to us ?
  It's no problem for us to manufacture general wheels;however, those aren't our main product and we don't manufacture them with mass production,so we can't supply mass amount in a very short period.

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