Thai Gulf Abrasives Co., Ltd. is manufacturer and distributor of abrasives products for over a decade. Established in 1994 with the intention to provide to customers the high quality product range, the company enjoys a reputation for quality and innovation in delivery the vitrified-bonded and resinoid-bonded grinding wheels to meet each and every customer requirement. At Thai Gulf Abrasives we maintain in our inventory a broad spectrum of standard products, and also provide a customised manufacturing to support the customers with specific requirements or with different exploiting environments. With a very large and established customer base throughout the country, Thai Gulf Abrasives is highly regarded as a premier supplier of reliable, high quality and competitively priced products. This is not only because we maintain the cost-effective quality of the products offered, but also because we gladfully provide advices for our customers on how to optimise the use of our products for their maximum benefits. Many of our principals have been with us for the decade of our existence and we have been supplying product to many of the same customers over that whole period. With quality as a keystone to our success, affirming and developing a true friendship with our customers in regardless of time is our aim.

Spirit - to be better than the best
Thousand years ago, many nationalities had became the leader of the world in terms of science, technology and power. Nevertheless, while they admired their own great glory and prosperity, they always have had neglected their own blemish, it causes their depravation and lets them to get in a devastating collapse in finally.

Our company learned from the part of mankind's history that, we should not envy or complain about other people or matters, what we can do is to try our best to catch up with the pace of the modern world. We recognize that there is no absolute acme of the world. The day we start feeling self-complacent is the day we start to be left behind, and this will end nowhere but failure.

Strategy - to pursue long-term partnerships.
We sticks to our strategy that clients are always the most valuable assets of the company. While we are producing the products according to the client's request, and trying our best to study the performance of the product under various conditions in order to provide useful information for further improvement and development of new products. In this way, we provide not just the products that the client wants, but also the service of the highest standard. In return, we win the confidence of our loyal clients and expect them to recommend us to their clients. A long-term partnership will be built up.

We hope that such a long-term partnership and common belief shared with the clients will result in a mutual support among all involved and help to achieve the aim of products and service of the best quality. Moreover, We are trying our best to provide a comprehensive, standardised and one-stop service to the clients. We promises to keep maintaining and improving this service in order to catch any opportunity for further improvement and development, so that all clients will always be able to catch the products with the best quality.

Aim to exceed your expectations

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